World here we come

World here we come

When we began this journey, we really had no idea how it would go. And here we are, just a few weeks in and we’ve hit our first stumbling block.


We’ve been having regular zoom sessions with our mentors (yes - it’s still lockdown). These are experts in the fields of business, design and sustainability who have been kind enough to try to teach us what they know and help us get started. But the one thing no one has a magic wand for is how to actually get your first swimwear piece made.

We have our first designs (thanks mum for letting us cut up all those swimmers!). We’ve asked our insta followers to help with colour selection, so we’ve got some intel there. And we’ve learnt a lot about how to develop our own signature style. But choosing the fabric, finding out where we can buy it from without sending everyone bankrupt and identifying someone to make it is really really really really hard.

It’s not helped by the fact that sometimes when we phone people they hear we’re kids and just think it’s all a joke.

It was getting us a bit down.

But suddenly we’ve had a breakthrough! We’ve been contacted by a swimwear designer here in Newcastle who really likes what we’re doing, and who’s offered to help us with our first design. Can you believe it? This is SO EXCITING!!!!

We seriously can’t believe it.

Myla & Olivia

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