Never too young to learn

Never too young to learn

You would think, given our age, that we are masters of social media. You'd be wrong. Very, very wrong. But, learning is a very important part of this process. We now know how to start a live insta interview, invite people to join that interview and especially - most especially - how to end a live interview. Because, you know, it's never great when you're broadcasting and don't know it.

Our first live insta interview  - an interview with activewear designer Hayley Wenn from Yinside Yoga - was, to be honest, a bit of a disaster.  First off, we were trying to practice live and ended up streaming for the whole world to see. Then we realised that we had the time totally wrong. When we finally got on the live, there was a very awkward silence for what felt like ten minutes as we struggled to get Hayley into the interview. Fortunately Hayley is a pro in these things and saved the day.

Our second insta interview was not much better. On this one - a session with business advisor Cheryl Royle - we learned that it's also a good idea to check if the person you're doing the interview with is familiar with live insta too.

But now we reckon we're getting the hang of it and we're really excited to launch a series of weekly online insta interviews that we're calling:  'Meet the experts: 5 questions in 5 minutes'.

In these interviews we'll be asking experts in business, design and sustainability five questions (as the name suggests). The idea is that we can learn from them but also share these learnings with other entrepreneurs on similar journeys. So follow us on insta and tune in to our next session. Hopefully we'll get it right this time!

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