It began with an idea…

It began with an idea…

During lockdown there was not a lot to do. Overnight we went from weekends away, after school activities (I’m not too fond of them) and birthday parties to sitting in our room staring at a screen for online learning.

And looking at our phones. ALOT.

But Myla and I are lucky. We live near the beach. So each day after online school we’d grab our bikes and go for a play. The only problem was, we didn’t like any of our swimmers.

Sometimes it was that we couldn’t find cuts we like (we’re not quite ready to embrace the thong but we’re not too keen on being draped in babyish cartoon characters either). Sometimes it’s just that clearly, some swimwear designs haven’t been road tested. I mean, who wants swimwear that goes see-through when wet?

So when Myla was watching a program on entrepreneurs with her mum, she had one of those light bulb moments. Why don’t we make our own? Suddenly, overnight, we were going in to business.

Myla & Olivia

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