Getting the low down from people in the know

Getting the low down from people in the know

The world of fashion can be so glamorous- you get to meet so many exciting people. Today, we had our first important business meeting with the owner of a very successful clothing line. We were so nervous. We are currently living in lockdown, so the meeting was over zoom. We had pre prepared a list of questions to ask and were determined to come out of this with a new sense of direction and knowing what we had to do next. 

Ten minutes in and all was going well. We were being taken seriously, we were feeling professional, and a vision of our future at Paris trade fairs was unfolding before us. In fact, it was so exciting Myla couldn’t keep her hands still and began picking at a thread in her trousers. Then all of a sudden …. RIPPPPPPPP! There was the most horrendous sound as the material tore. 

A wave of shock passed over my face. Myla looked at me in horror, then her shoulders began to shake. I knew we were about to unravel, just as her outfit had. 

Two seconds later and I was rolling on the floor in hysterics leaving poor Myla to carry on. 

THIS, people, is why we are launching our own clothing line. No one should have to suffer this indignity! 


Ps it was a really good meeting though and we learnt so much! 

PPS Next up where doing to speak to a colour expert who can teach us about colours.  

Myla & Olivia

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