Getting down to business

Getting down to business

Have you ever wondered where the hygiene stickers in new swimmers come from and who places them there?  Nor had we until recently.

The truth is, there is so much more to producing swimwear than we ever knew.

Firstly, there's the fabric - but I’ve talked about that before.

Then there's  drawing the designs - we had so many people helping us with that. In the beginning, we printed off bodies and drew straight on them, then we had a friend do a water colour version on them and only then could we FINALLY begin to make them.

The colour choice is fun, but it's not so much 'I like these colours, let's put them together,' but more 'would people like those colours together? Do we have them in the swimwear fabric? Do they look good on all skin tones?' But, like everything else, it's always worth it and we’ve pulled together what we think will be a beautiful and timeless colour match.

But once we got to the point of actually cutting the fabric we soon realised that not all of our designs on paper translated into something that could be turned into a pattern.

Our fantasy designs had to be turned into something more realistic. On some of the patterns we couldn’t have all the colours we wanted and had to make some adjustments, but that didn't stop us! Of course it's hard to find the colours we liked on paper in the fabric we were using, and sometimes it was a bit tricky to create the colour ways we had. But somehow we always find our way around it.

Then there's the swing tags, the heat stickers, the shipping, AND OH MY GOODNESS THERE'S SO MUCH TO DO!!!

But, can you believe it, our first swimwear design is almost ready for production. We want everything to be as close to perfect as we can get it and if that means spending every second of our day on it then that’s what we'll do!

Myla & Olivia

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