Finding a name

Finding a name

Deciding on a business name is meant to be really fun, right? It should reflect who you are, where you want to go. You just choose something and add ‘www’ in front of it. Or so we thought.


So we wanted ‘peaches’ in our name. We love peaches. We wanted to name our company EcoPeaches, because being sustainable is really important to us too. But it turns out that name is already taken. Do you have any idea how many tween companies there are out there with ‘peach’ in the name? Frankly, it was disappointing, and our efforts to come up with an alternative were producing some VERY strange names.

So we were down at our favourite beach, just playing as usual. It’s this beautiful cove backed by sandstone cliffs and you have to crawl down a tiny, slippery slimy path to get there. We were drawing with some red clay that is down around the shoreline and suddenly it came to us:


We love this beach and the colours here are some of our strongest inspirations. So now, people, we have a name. Let’s get this show on the road!

Myla & Olivia

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